Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Carthage, Missouri

Many people in the US are currently wearing one or more dental crowns, but chances are good that you will never even know it. In fact, you probably know someone who has a dental crown but it looks so much like a real tooth that you would never be able to tell the difference. If you ever end up dealing with a decayed, infected, or damaged tooth, then our Carthage, MO, dentist Dr. William Herrington may recommend getting a dental crown.

What is a dental crown?

Sometimes referred to as a cap, this tooth-shaped restoration fits over the visible part of the tooth (aka the crown) to cover and protect the tooth from further damage. A crown is most often placed when you have:

  • An old large filling that can no longer support the tooth’s natural structure
  • Severe decay that a filling won't be able to support
  • A worn tooth
  • A cracked or broken tooth
  • An oddly shaped, malformed, or discolored tooth
  • A dental bridge or a dental implant (to replace missing teeth)
  • To undergo root canal therapy

What is a dental crown made from?

Today, the goal of any dentist is to provide realistic and long-lasting restorations that blend right in with your smile. That’s why Dr. Herrington and his team offer dental crowns made from ceramic, porcelain, or resin. All of these materials are incredibly durable and also provide a realistic color that can be matched to the rest of your smile. Crowns can be placed on any tooth in your mouth to strengthen and protect it, as well as to improve its appearance.

Why are dental crowns important?

As you can probably already tell, dental crowns serve an important role in maintaining the health and function of weak and damaged teeth. Crowns can protect and preserve what’s left of a healthy tooth while also preventing further damage. Also, if you are feeling self-conscious about a malformed or discolored tooth then a crown can instantly improve the shape and overall appearance of your tooth. They are also used to stabilize a dental bridge and complete a dental implant, so if you are dealing with tooth loss a crown can help.

Dental Crowns in Carthage

Whether you have questions about dental crowns or need to talk with our family dentists about the other restorative and cosmetic dentistry options they offer, don’t hesitate to call Herrington Dental at (417) 358-4231 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Herrington.

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